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Unique Wall Art For Your Home

Using unique wall art in the home is an excellent way to bring a sense of vintage style to your space. You can create a gallery wall using framed pieces of art in different styles and sizes. It’s an excellent way to showcase your design aesthetic and let visitors get a feel for your personality.

When choosing unique wall art, consider what makes you happy and comfortable in your space. You should choose pieces that combine current trends with your personal style. It will create a look that will appeal to many people but is still uniquely yours. By choosing the perfect size, color palette, and style, you can create a cohesive, timeless look for your space.

When purchasing unique wall art, try looking for pieces that are a little more out of the ordinary. For instance, if you have a white wall, a large abstract piece can add character. And if you have a gallery wall, it doesn’t have to be a small collection of framed pieces; you can go beyond the norm and find an art piece that stands out.

Another option is to consider adding a piece that commemorates a special memory or place. This can be a great conversation starter in the living room or front entrance. You can also choose a quote or lyric that you love and print it onto paper for a personalized touch. If you’re unsure of what to choose, ask friends and family for ideas.

When choosing wall art, remember to leave enough space between frames. You don’t want your room to look crowded. Besides, it will add a sense of dimension and perspective to the room. Try hanging unique wall art in a variety of locations and try different styles. This way, you can have a gallery wall without feeling overwhelmed or cramped.

If you have a high ceiling, try hanging large vertical prints. They will create a sense of visual depth, but be careful not to hang them too high. Hang oversized canvases on the right height so that they can cover the desired area without taking up too much space. You can also try hanging small canvases on a table to add visual variety.

Another fun option for wall art is to hang a cork wall. This makes a great bulletin board and is inexpensive to create. String art is another fun option and can be used in combination with other pieces of art for a cohesive look. Or you can create a memory wall using photographs arranged in a rectangle. You can use thumbtacks to hang the photos.

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